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  1. Ariel Schnee


    *Stands and bows* Hello!^_^ I'm new here. Please treat me kindly now. *Sits back down*
  2. Ariel Schnee

    XenForo 1.5.22 Nulled and Callback Removed By XenforoX

    Are you going to have 1.5.23 out soon? It was the last XenForo 1 ever made. Hope to see it here soon sometime.^_^
  3. Ariel Schnee

    XenforoX - Xenforo Service Rules and Regulations!

    I just downloaded a couple of things from 'Free' XenForo 1 Addons. Now it won't let me download anymore.:( I thought it was supposed to be unlimited for 'Free' downloads?
  4. Ariel Schnee

    Remove Editor Buttons

    I adjusted it to get rid of only the font color button instead. Just what I needed here. Thank you very much for the addon!^_^