Frequent problems and solutions for Xenforo installations
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Frequent problems and solutions for Xenforo installations

solutions for Xenforo installations

Some of you may be having some minor issues after your XenForo installation. Luck for you we have thrown together a small list of those problems and the solutions to go with them.

The problem: Your login form or login slider does not work.

Your solution: the most popular casue for your login form to not work after a xenforo installation is the CloudFlare RocketLoader script. This is super simple instructions: If you know you are using cloudflare you will need to verify in your settings that you have the script running and if it is then you can disable it. Xenforo installations usually don’t bring this problem with them on install but if it does please use the links below to correct the issue.

The problem: MySQL server has gone away error. This will happen when trying to load a page.

Your solution: This is going to be an issue with your server, and if you do not have any server experience it’s highly recommended you contact your hosting provider to help you  solve this. We got you some cool links that will help you solve these issues in minutes.

The problem: Users requiring admin approval regardless of the [enable Manual Approval] setting.

Your solution: XenForo comes with great spam prevention features that will actually verify all your registrations against project honey pot, DNSBLs, and stop forum spam. To make this really easy you can check these settings right here. ACP>options>spam management. Depending on your current settings this spam prevention feature will wither place your registrants in manual approval or reject them. For more information on this check out this link below.

Have seen a “Deadlock found when trying to get a lock” MySQL error in error logs.

Your solution: Just reload your web page and it will restart the process that you were attempting. Deadlocks will and can occur with any type of query in your InnoBG MySQL database. These should actually never happen and when they do it’s rare. If you did get a deadlock you should get in touch with your hosting and ask them for the solution or if they can just correct it for you. There is a ton of great knowledge on this subject so don;t be afraid to check it out. Xenforo installations rarely have this happen and it’s not programmaticly possible to stop it from happening, so don’t get too frustrated because it can be fixed.

Admins and moderators cannot see moderation queue or handle reports.

These two mentioned are actually functions and they are defined in the software as moderator functionality only. The user or users having issues only need the settings changed a little and they will have to be made explicit moderator in your ACP to access. Simple instructions to add a moderator in the xenforo software are here: ACP>Users>Moderator>Create new moderator. Default settings in xenforo software do not inherently make admins a moderator. Admins will also have to be made a moderator within the system. If you have a new installation the first user that is created on will be made super admin,admin, and moderator. This is a major plus after you succeed in your Xenforo installations.

We will start pumping out more problems, solutions, troubleshooting, and configurations for you so get back to us when you can.




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