How to install a new add-on in Xenforo installation
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How to install a new add-on in Xenforo installation

Install a new add-on in Xenforo

Depending on the creator of your add-ons you will have a different procedure for the installation, but in a general sense the procedure will usually go as follows:

  1. Download your addons from wherever you purchased and unzip it.
  2. Begin uploading the files from your add-on straight to your xenforo installation. When doing this, xenforo software will usually create you a new directory and it will be kept in the library. This should not re-write or overwrite any existing files you may already have.
  3. Go to control panel and find your “install add-on page”

Upgrade your existing add-ons

Upgrading add-ons are really similar to installing one, all you are doing is using the upgrade option for whatever add-on you want to upgrade. Please keep in mind, you will not be able to perform upgrades from your “install add-on page”. So don’t waste your time.

  1. Just like the installation steps you will need to download the new (upgraded zip folder) and just unzip it.
  2. Upload the files from your add-on to your xenforo installation and don’t get worried when it overwrites some of the files. This is totally normal.
  3. Now to to your control panel and find “list add-ons”. Search for your add-on you just uploaded and then simply expand your controls menu and hit the upgrade. BAM! Easy. So just upload your xml file (after your unzip the file is only an xml) with the add-on and submit the form.

How to disable your add-ons

Please keep in mind that when you disable an add-on within xenforo it will immediately and effectively turn it off. Any type of integrations that add-on had in xenforo (your website) will be 100% removed until you re-activate it. So here is how to disable an add-on in xenforo.

  1.  Disabling is super easy! go to your controls from the add-on list menu and simply “disable” Whatever add-on you like.

How to uninstall an add-on

This is totally the opposite of  how install a new add-on in Xenforo

If you are looking to completely remove one of your add-ons in your xenforo installation then this is for you. It will be removed 100%. All of the data associated with the add-on will also be removed. You may want to perform a backup of your website files and database before uninstalling certain add-ons because once you uninstall you will never be able to recover that data. If your serious about keeping your website alive and healthy you should be performing a weekly backup of your website. Minimum! Easy stuff huh? Now you should be able to install a new add-on in xenforo and everything in between.

  1. Go to your add-on list page and find the add-on you would like to remove. Simply hit the uninstall from your controls and BAM, that add-on no longer exists

If you have any tips  on how to install a new add-on in Xenforo 1 or 2 we would definitely love to see your methods. Please keep in mind these methods are still current on the date of this post and we welcome anyone to add to this list.

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