Killer benefits for having a great forum on your website
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Killer benefits for having a great forum on your website

Your members wish you had a forum or a place they can chat with other members from your website

We all know that in today’s society it’s super fast paced, and very competitive inside this online world. We are always devising new ideas and plans for new websites or a forum, and how to attract all those visitors to your website. That is your #1 goal my friends. Start improving your online presence by having a meeting place on your website or as an external link. No difference really!

The biggest and best ways to achieve more visitors and objectives you may have (getting traffic to come to you) is to have a social hangout or some type of discussion board. We will not get into marketing your new baby just yet. That is another post!  This is not anything new, but as 2018 blows by us it is very much still popular and a great online hangout will be alive with members interacting, and engaging with each other.

A great brand with xenforo software installed you can give any website more functionality and purpose. Your website should always be evolving! I will be going over some really advantages and  some challenges people sometimes face when they try to implement another form of communication or interaction to their website. I will also share the best tips on how to manage it. Oh yeah, it’s really easy so don’t get scared.


  • Fresh content for your new site  – One of the best features of having a discussion board is getting your members to generate a ton of fresh content. Not only will your readers and members love an active forum, search engines do too. Having an active forum means you have recurring visitors, they are posting on a regular basis, and viewing others posts and replying to them as well. This starts ranking your website for keywords you weren’t even trying to do. it also increases your authority in search engines. It can take some forum owners some serious time to have a super active forum, but keep in mind, if you have a few really good members that are posting all the time (every site has them) this will be enough to slowly help you reach the tops of the search engine rankings.


  • Retention of visitors  – Simply having a forum gives clients, potential members or customers a really good damn reason to come back. Especially if they are going to your website to get information, or try to in a form of a question. This will normally be kind of rough at first, unless you have a large client base. In this case you could send out an email inviting them to your new community. i understand some website owners are really new and probably don’t have any subscribers of any kind. It’s ok. You start posting away in all of your own forums, relevant facts and stories or whatever your forum will be about. After your posts are complete you immediately start sharing them to your socials. Super simple actually. Eventually you will start ranking for specific keywords and you will show up in the search results. More importantly, the ones who read your posts will start coming to your forum and register. DING..DING..We have a winner!


  • Building a  community – A stand alone forum or a forum on your website is really just a place that is suppose to be really easy to connect with your friends, followers, homies, etc… It’s meant to trade ideas, get ideas, see what others are talking about, develop relationships, and maybe some do it for a sense of belonging to something.


  • Socializing with customers – One of the greatest thing about your forum is you can make announcements, create ads and showcase products or services. Of course you will want to do this right and not have 15 popups every 10 seconds. I’ve never met anyone who loves to go to a website that has more ads then content. There is a professional way to monetize your forum and a few simple words will make you an expert. (less is better and never crowd your content). In any case, you will have many opportunities and future collaborations with other companies quicker that you would expect when your forum starts POPPIN.


  • Moderating your forum – When you have xenforo software you will not have to worry about this as much because it comes with really good comment and word finders. Example: If you want to give someone a warning or ban for saying a specific word or words, you simply set up the system hit go and BOOM! When anyone says your specified words they will get a warning and next time it will ban them. This is only one setting, there are a ton for this one function. Lets just say you were not using xenforo software: You will have to start thinking about asking members (maybe an application) if they would like to be a moderator for there favorite forum. this will give them a little more control, and they will always say yes because it gives them purpose. Having moderators is actually a must in my opinion. People in forums are always trying to get in contact with a moderator for something. Forgot password, need to edit this or that, and a moderator can actually keep conversations going for longer.


  • Spam – We all know what spam is and so does the rest of the internet. When you have your site up and running you might find out that forums are a huge target for spammer. This is no secret but if your forum ends up being a big hit and your super popular, these spammers (if they get in) will fill up your forum so fast with garbage you wont believe it. Luckily xenforo has really good spam prevention add-on available for free. This is one function you will not want to ignore. Spammers are killing the internet everyday. Get a real job dudes!


  • Getting your brand noticed – This is seriously the biggest hurdle a website owner goes through when they are just kick-starting their brand. You will always want to invite your friends and family to your site or others you know might be interested and go from there. Anybody who is anybody online started out this way. Start posting to your topics and categories a couple times a week and share..share..share. Everything you ever post you should be sharing on all social media accounts you have, and never give up. These things take time, but the benefits are well worth the hard work. Please keep in mind you  don’t have to put a forum on your website, you can simply use your forum as a website or have one or the other. First step is to get that forum.

Thank you for reading this and if there is anything you would like to add please comment below and share your thoughts.


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