[DBTech] DragonByte Credits 5.4.1

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Staff member
May 29, 2018

[DBTech] DragonByte Credits is a very advanced XenForo loan system that offers advanced features suitable for everyday tasks and important e-commerce solutions.

Info: [DBTech] DragonByte Credits

[DBTech] DragonByte Credits is a very advanced credit system for XenForo that offers advanced features suitable for everyday tasks and important electronic solutions commerce.


DragonByte Creditsallows you to create powerful "Events" that can occur on your forum. Thanks to advanced features such as loading, random increase and tax collection, you can create a truly interesting combination of events that will allow you to get unprecedented control over your loans.

Currency Manager allows you to create an almost unlimited number of different currencies, each with its own set of events. Want to make a premium currency that can only be earned in a certain way? DragonByte Credits gives you the tools to do this.

With the support of the advanced transaction log, you will know exactly how and where all your loans come and go. Key Features DragonByte Store Integration:

All of your DragonByte Shop purchases will appear in DragonByte Credits, allowing you to fully utilize the credit opportunities to support your store!

Powerful events. You can create events and customize their functionality quickly and easily, supporting most of XenForo's functionality.

Redemption Codes: Through the Redeem event, you can create coupon codes that your users can use to instantly receive loans!

[CHARGE = X] BBCodes: Through the Content event, users can charge other users to view specific content.

Alerts: Full support for XenForo alerts for all 30+ event types (current and upcoming)!

Compatibility: powerful return support for all credit actions, as well as full XFCP support to expand almost every functionality and every action page!

Currency Management
Allows you to create different currencies stored in different tables or columns of the database.
Control rounding applied to the currency
Select the method of processing negative loans (reset to 0, show 0 or allow negative)
Select the visibility of the currency (show the assigned user groups, display for yourself or show everyone)
Support for the prefix and suffix to display the result
Advanced settings for managing integration tables

Download Links
MultiFileMirror - Upload files to multiple file hosts with one click xenforox_dbtech-credits-5.4.1.zip.html


New member
Apr 4, 2020
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