Modern Gamer XF2

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Staff member
May 29, 2018

Modern Gamer was built according to individual settings. Using the included settings, you can change the theme to suit any color, theme of the game and much more, so that your community feels at home. Unlike some themes, Modern Gamer is not tied to what you see in the screenshots. Although Modern Gamer comes in a classic green color by default, you can use the Xenforo color palette feature to use whatever color you can imagine!


Moreover, you can take full advantage of the wide style settings to change other functions. Looking for a Call of Duty template? Add amazing full-screen wallpapers, add your own banners with images of nodes and change the color palette. Looking for a full-screen game portal MOBA? Set your theme to full screen mode with one click and edit all style settings as needed! You can create a theme for any game or genre - from the latest FPS, sports, MOBA, RTS and more. The modern gamer gives you tools - you use your

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