What is XenForo software, and how it can benefit your existing brand
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What is XenForo software, and how it can benefit your existing brand

So exactly is XenForo software?

This software is used on many of the top forums in the world and is actually a commercial internet forum software. The forum software is written in amazing PHP language and uses the trustworthy Zend Framework. Xenforo software was first developed by Kier Darby along with Mike Sullivan.

They are formerly of vBulletin and they were also their lead developers too. The release of the first xenforo beta was in October 2010 and after they got the first stable  version it landed on the internet  on march 8, 2011.

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There are a ton of features within the software that really make it easy for even a beginner. Here are a few key points that make xenforo software so amazing.

Social Engagement

Keep your users coming back by letting them earn trophies for reaching milestones. An intuitive “like” system makes users feel appreciated for their contributions, while integration with Facebook allows easy registration and sharing. Think of social engagement as an affiliate system. Someone shares a post from your forum with their friends, and they do the same. Yahh! free traffic.

SEO Built-in

With XenForo software there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Human-readable URLs, semantic HTML with embedded micro-data, and many more SEO features are present in the very core of the system.

Easy Styling

You can use XenForo’s simple color changer to easily change the look to suit your needs. You can make further changes through an extensive style property editor, or edit HTML and CSS in your favorite editor. No code changes necessary!

Great Add-ons

XenForo is built to be the most extensible and flexible community software ever. Check out the huge array of add-ons already available in the resource manager, or get help writing your own add-ons with the XenForo framework. There are so many xenforo add-ones i think i lost count. This is a good thing because you know you will always have options when it comes to your forums functions and elements. Xenforo software has an unbelievable amount of different add-ons so your customization efforts can easily be but 90%

Recent Activity Stream

Allow people to easily see all the recent happenings on your forum, beyond just the messages posted. Members can follow each other to get their own personalized news feed showing the content they want to see.


Make it easy for users to stay up to date with updates that are applicable to them. They’ll receive alerts when someone quotes their post or responds to a status update, when they receive a new trophy, and more.  The Xenforo platform is the king in this department.

So whats the big deal with having an online community?

Here is the importance of building an online community: or forum! And how xenforo software is your best bet!

Your business, website or forum should always start with your brand, but the other piece of the very large puzzle is your audience . You have to be able to connect with your audience all the time. There are actually quite a few ways to accomplish this – Different types of events, simple marketing strategies, xenforo forum, etc – Believe me when i say that XenForoX can start building an online community for your brand.




So what exactly is an online community?

Many people have many different ways of explaining this, but it’s pretty much a diverse group of people who chat, share things,messaging, etc… You get the picture! These types of people (I’m one of them) have a lot of the same values and interests, and these shared aspects will eventually bring them together. – They usually come together for a purpose, even if it’s just for information.. Obviously that purpose varies greatly depending on what forum you are joining.

There are two different types of online community:

  • Shared social communities: You are working on a public platform where you have limited control over the narrative and the data that you can collect. For the most part, social communities are public, however, you can create private groups on Facebook, for example, if you are looking for a more closed community.
  • Owned/branded communities: This is a dedicated community built by you, housed usually on your website and generally secured by membership. You have more control over the data that you can collect as well as the management of the day to day on the platform.

The most common among small businesses are shared social communities. Building a social community means less of a financial investment up front, but you can’t forget about the time it takes to build it! With Xenforo  you can easily build a community with full functionality in no time. Just saying!

But why should you invest your time and resources into developing an online community? Here are a couple reasons why you should consider.

Building Relationships

Online communities and forums are not just customer support portals anymore, they are full of real life people making real life connections. Online communities are not just customer support channels used by big companies, forums have real people trying to get connected with real people. Wait! You didn’t know this was a thing?

It’s important not to get too hung up on what platforms and tools you will use to build your online community. The platforms and tools are just a means to bring people together. If you have done your research about your target audience’s habits, then you should be able to easily pinpoint where your online platform will be housed and how it will be run. To have a successful online community you need to approach it from a multi-channel viewpoint. Your customers, or members are never just on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Your strategy should always revolve around the people you are trying to reach or connect with.


Competitive Advantage

Sometimes a forum can be a way for you to expand your brand and seriously stand out from all of your competition. If you constantly stay focused on giving your audience or members value, you most definitely stand out from any competition. You should always take a little time to figure out the differences between you and your competition. Once you figure this out you can use this information to give your customers, or members more value.Building an forum with community members can sometimes take up your extra hours or weekends if you really want it to be successful.

You can’t simply build a forum and let it sit. Someone has to run it. You will also have to get creative and come up with trending topics and different content to keep your members alive.remember…This is your brand. At first it will be a lot of work but, the benefits will be soon to come, so if you still haven’t got around to building your forum , you should probably get started.

Business Growth Opportunities

When you really accomplish an active forum or online community your brand will start to generate a BUZZ, with a little work anyone can do this. This Buzz you created will give you great opportunities and you will benefit from massive members and serious potential customers.

So you wanted to know  what  xenforo software is? There you go, short and sweet.

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